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Aura Rose
SO more rants about the weather. I wish it would just make up it's mind. Last week, after have almost a full week of 60 degree weather it snows 3 inches. That would be all well and good had it not gotten to the flowers that had already started to bloom. My favorite tree is about a block and a half from my house. IT's a tulip poplar with pretty pink flowers every spring....except for this spring. This year they are brown. So not pretty.

Of course the very next day the snow melts. But on a plus side, I did walk home that night from work and it was really pretty to see the moon shining on the snow. Even the tulip poplar was pretty all covered in snow. lol

On to work stories. One of the gypsies (traveling workers, not actual gypsies) that is staying here has the most adorable puppy. He's a 17 week old yellow lab named Chipper Douglas. He likes to run away from his owner and come and visit me and anyone else around. ^_^ In just the two weeks he's been here he's just about doubled in size. O_O But I guess they can't stay puppies forever. lol

So there was a mandatory work meeting last week for the front desk staff. So what happens when you get all of us together? Craziness, that's what. We are all friends, we do some times go out and hang with one another. Except for Curt...he's got his own agenda most days, but I live with him and hell he is my brother so what ever. lol So the meeting that should have only been at most 45 mins long took twice that. Why? Well something about Chinese operas and other pointless conversations happened between talks about coping IDs and making sure we get credit cards on file. Or in other words the point of the meeting was the same things we hear every day just before the start of our shifts. I wasted and hour and a half of my life to hear the same crap I hear every shift. Pointless....grrrrrrrr
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Aura Rose
10 March 2006 @ 01:59 am